Junior Jumpers™ Frequently Asked Questions

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Junior Jumpers™

Frequently Asked Questions

Free South West Membership for under 18’s

Is Junior Jumpers free?

Yes, membership is free. Under 18’s are admitted free to all Jockey Club racecourses, excluding The Festival™ at Cheltenham, so there is no need to buy a ticket for your child.

Are Parents/Guardians admitted for free?

Parents and Guardians are required to buy a ticket as normal. However we will use the email address submitted to contact you with special offers and promotions throughout the season.

Where do I get my book stamped?

At Cheltenham, Junior Jumpers should either head to the dedicated Junior Jumpers stand or the Information Point where a member of staff will stamp their collector's book and hand out new horseshoe badges as required. At Exeter, Warwick and Wincanton, please go to the Racecourse Office.

What do I do if I have lost my badge/card/book?

Junior Jumpers who have misplaced any part of their welcome pack should contact the Cheltenham Office and we will arrange a replacement.

Do Junior Jumpers get any special access on a raceday?

On a raceday Junior Jumpers have the same access to the racecourse as the adult that is accompanying them. For example, if a Junior Jumper attends with a Club ticket holder, they too can enjoy the Club enclosure.

Do Junior Jumpers get any special benefits on a raceday?

There will be a range of activities planned for Junior Jumpers throughout the season, including on South West Family Fun days. Details of these events will be released in due course.

How many badges are there to collect?

There are 10 badges altogether - we anticipate that members will be involved with Junior Jumpers for several years.

Will membership need to be renewed?

No, once a Junior Jumper is signed up their membership does not need to be renewed each season.

Will all children in a household get a newsletter?

If more than one child in Junior Jumpers lives at one address, one newsletter per child will be sent by default. If you would like to change this, please contact cheltenham.reception@thejockeyclub.co.uk.

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