Racecourse Team

Our team at Warwick Racecourse

Andre Klein 
General Manager
Email: andre.klein@thejockeyclub.co.uk
DDI: 01926 405 561

Jane Hedley
Clerk of The Course
Email: jane.hedley@thejockeyclub.co.uk
M: +44 (0)7881 316027

Charlotte Parkins
Business Development Executive
Email: charlotte.parkins@thejockeyclub.co.uk
DDI: 01926 405 564

Thomas Williams
Operations Executive
Email: thomas.williams@thejockeyclub.co.uk
M: +44 (0)7809 866 962

Lily Witherford
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Email: lily.witherford@thejockeyclub.co.uk
DDI: 01926 405 565

Guy Woodward
Head Groundsman
Email: guy.woodward@thejockeyclub.co.uk
M:07768 040553

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